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Love your Straight Teeth - Choose Clear Aligners!

As an alternative to traditional braces, Clear Aligners (Invisalign, Sure Smile, Reveal) are designed to guide teeth into proper alignment. Clear aligners work similarly to braces, by gradually forcing teeth into place without the use of wires or brackets.

When planning for your treatment, instead of goopy impressions, we use the latest optical technology to digitally capture the structure of your teeth and gums for a more comfortable, predictable, and accurate treatment plan.

Benefits of Clear Aligners:

  • Patients who want a straighter smile without wearing braces may opt to use Invisalign clear aligners.

  • Aligners are helpful to patients who have already undergone orthodontic treatment and wish to fix minor problems in their smile.

  • Clear aligners can be removed after meals, allowing for easier brushing and flossing

  • Aligners made of clear plastic are easier to keep clean

  • Invisalign is often more comfortable and causes less irritation to the gums and cheeks than traditional braces.


Clear Aligners
Clear Retainer Orthodontics

Introducing the most precise clear aligners on the market.


Our aligners have been shown to require 50% less refinement than other aligners like Invisalign, Candid, and Smile Direct.*


No brackets, no wires, and less refinements equal straighter teeth faster than our competitors!

Straighter Teeth in Phoenix, AZ

No more metal mouth means you’ll smile more during treatment and you’ll spend less time at SC Dentistry having adjustments! If you’re inspired and think you’re a candidate for Clear Aligners, please call to arrange a consultation. We want you to feel happy and confident about your smile!

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